The heart and soul of piano longevity and enjoyment is regular, quality service from professionals.

Because piano strings are affected by fluctuations of temperature and humidity, piano tuning is a vital part of any piano’s maintenance.  Most piano manufacturers recommend a piano should be serviced at least twice a year to extend the overall life and enjoyment of your piano.  Our skilled technicians have decades of experience providing expert tuning and servicing for both home and institutions.

Fine Tuning

Piano Tuning involves making small adjustments to the tension of the piano strings so they resonate at the proper pitches.  Depending on use and climate, visits by an experienced technician can keep your piano sounding great year after year.  Your next tuning should take place before most experienced musicians even hear the piano beginning to go out of tune. Your technician will work with you on your preferred maintenance schedule.

Pitch Adjustment

If the piano has not been tuned in a while, or if the relative humidity of it’s environment has changed enough to significantly affect it’s relative pitch, a pitch adjustment (most often a pitch raise) is required prior to a fine tuning.  A pitch adjustment is essentially a tuning before the tuning, so that when the fine tuning begins, the strings’ tension is very close to the desired final tension.  Properly executed, a pitch adjustment can greatly increase the stability of the fine tuning.

Voicing, Regulation, and Repairs

Voicing involves making adjustments to the pianos tone and the tonal consistency of the individual notes throughout it’s entire scale.  

Regulation involves mechanical adjustments to the hundreds of moving parts inside the piano.  A properly regulated piano has a consistent touch allowing the artist to bring out subtle nuances in volume and even tone.

Many repairs can be performed on site.  Whether it is sticking notes, notes not playing or pedals not working.

Humidity Control

A piano is a significant investment that is worth protecting. Humidity Control Systems are affordable, silent, cost but pennies a day to operate and are maintenance free.  We recommend the Dampp-Chaser Climate Control Systems which are guaranteed for five years when professionally installed by our qualified piano technicians. 

For more information visit:  The Piano Life Saver website.

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